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The Holly and The Ivy

I'm jumping on the bandwagon here with my own slightly scruffy Christmas wreath. What it perhaps lacks in finesse is made up for by its abundant symbolic meaning. According to my trusty guidebook, “The Almanac A Seasonal Guide 2018” by Lia Leendertz the wreath is thought to represent the wheel of the year symbolising a pivotal moment when darkness and cold will pass. Evergreens symbolise life and more specifically the greenery used in this wreath includes :-

ivy representing growth, renewal, connection, friendship, opportunity and vibrancy

fir, a symbol of springtime

holly represents good luck and protection

hazel symbolic of creativity and wisdom

rosehips attract health and wealth and symbolise prosperity and fertility.

All I'm missing is some mistletoe!

It's this year's hot tub Christmas decoration so anybody taking a dip will hopefully soak up all of this symbolic whizziness and benefit from its magic in 2019…….!

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