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Walk About Stocklinch

I often get asked “Where is good to go for a walk from the hut?” at which point I excitedly launch into trying to describe the route of my favourite walk whilst animatedly pointing things out on the map!

So I thought I could do better and I’ve created this guide for you to follow with highlights to appreciate on your way.

This is a gentle walk that takes no more than an hour up through the village to the fields above from where you can enjoy expansive 360 degree views all across Somerset. returning back through ancient field systems and past medieval houses. Enjoy!

Turn left out of The Old Post Office on to the road passing Oak Villa on your right.

At the sharp left hand turn with the old water pump directly in front of you, right up Stoney Lane passing the a string of rather gorgeous thatched houses on your left hand side.

Just after passing Brakes Farm turn left signed “Public Bridleway” and follow this track up the hill and round the bends. If after the first right hand bend the track is too muddy you can take the narrow footpath straight ahead which brings you out on to the road - then turn right up the hill.

Where the footpath pops out on to the road take the time to lean on the gate (catching you breath!) taking in the view across Stocklinch and on towards the Blackdown Hills.

Turn right on to the road and after approximately 200m turn left at a finger post climb up the steps into the field.

Take time to look immediately in front of you and in the far distance between 2 trees you should be able to make out the pointy hill of Glastonbury Tor.

Go straight ahead across the field taking the time to look far left towards the Quantock, Brendon , Backdown and Exmoor Hills and to the right you are looking down towards the Somerset levels and beyond to the mendip Hills.

Turn right and follow the footpath down the side of the field - you can cross to the other side of the hedge at the gate entrance for better views and also to pick up several footpaths that took you down into Barrington Village with the Barrington Boar and Barrington Court NT.

When you get to the end of the field path and before you join the concrete track you can pop through the hedge on your left and take a seat in a handy bench with views looking down on to Barrington Court NT where you can see the walls of the vegetable garden and roofs and chimneys of the Strode and Court Houses.

Heading back on to the path turn right up the hill alongside a copse of trees.

When you reach the top of the trees turn left and continue following the line of trees popping out on to a sunken footpath.

Turn right up the hill and when you pop out on to the road head across the road slightly to the right up a path into the field.

Head straight across the field towards the water tanks.

Take the time to take in the views on your left looking towards ham Hill and on into Dorset and looking right back towards the Quantock and Brendon Hills.

When you reach the road turn right and immediately after the water tanks turn left following the track around the water tanks.

Continue on this footpath turning right down an old sunken track - watch out for the badge holes!

At a sharp left hand bend on the track turn slightly right and head through the gate into the field.

You can either walk through this field staying up high taking in the views or head down the field towards the church - Stocklinch St Magdalene. It’s usually open so take the time to have a look at this most unusual church sitting in the middle of a field!

On leaving the church turn right following the track running along the back of Stocklinch Manor (a large white house) and head to the far left and corner of the field through a gate.

You’re now walking in the remains of an ancient field system - strip lynchets’ from which Stocklinch get its name - look out for the faint traces of terraces that villagers used to cultivate their crops on.

Head diagonally left down across this field which at one time was full of cider apple trees - sadly now all gone.

In the middle of the hedge climb over a stile and head straight ahead towards another stile in the corner of the church yard.

Walk down the path at the side of the church yard. This is Stocklinch’s second church - Stocklinch Ottersey with a very interesting church bell tower.

When you pop out on to the road either turn left towards the Stocklinch Ales for a well deserved drink if you've timed it right.

Or turn right and head back through the village to the hut passing the old phone box now housing a village lending library.

Hope you enjoyed this walk as much as I do in all weathers and all times of the year.

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